The Skyrail retractable pergola system provides a stylish architectural protection for the outdoors.
It provides both functionality and style to the applied areas.
Perfectly harmonizes with modern architectural structures with its angled details.
Skyrail constitutes a fine integrity with entire structures. In another word, it can be used for enclosing private areas such as villas and common use areas such as hotels or restaurants.
Skyrail is a solution that enhances the functionality of your outdoor living spaces without compromising the design of the structure.



Optionally, the product is enclosed with transparent mica
or guillotine window, folding glass and zip blind systems to
create fully enclosed environments.

  • For awning designs, blackout fabric and flame-retardant
    fabric are used.
  • The dimensions of the system is maximum 13X8 in one
  • System is collapsible and retractable.
  • System has purpose gutter and internal drainage system.
  • All components and profiles are coated with electrostatic
    powder painting.
  • The fabric has waterproof specification.
  • It has LED lighting system.
  • The system is motorized. It works with remote control.
  • System utilizes extruded aluminium frame.


When supplied with a remote control, you can open and close retractable pergola as you wish.

Somfy® motors are used in the system. Motor durability is tested and guaranteed for 5 years.

System and Motor Harmony

Motor stops when the awning is completely strained.
Motor stops when an obstacle is detected within the system during the operation process.
Ensures that the water on the awning is discharged easily through the gutter.
Thanks to smooth and gentle closing attribute, the mechanism and the fabric last for longer.

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In automation, SOMFY motor and remote control system are used.
Opportunity of reducing energy costs with adjustable LED lighting…
Optionally, high power LED lighting system is coupled with the lightening receiver with remote control and light dimming system and enables the user to change the lighting setting based on the environment.

Features & Benefıts

  • Skyrail is a retractable pergola system that the roof area is folded backwards in the form of an accordion.
  • The awning system can be used twelve months a year.
  • System has three-tiered blackout fabric that provides protection for negative effects of hot weather in summer, rain and cold weather in winter.
  • The awning fabric that used for the system is flame-retardant fabric.
  • It provides optimum protection against the sun and rain.
  • Creates an outdoor room and a new living space which can be used all year round.
  • Optional zip blind system, glass sliding doors and guillotine window systems can be fitted to the sides and front to create an indoor enclosure to protect from wind and rain.
  • It can be integrated into any existing structure.
  • Perfect for commercial or residential areas, courtyards, cafes and restaurants.
  • Skyrail has lighting systems for night time using.